In the intense white light of an operating room, a life is on the line. As the seconds tick by, the difference between life and death will be defined by timely perfection of performance. For all the deft skills of the doctors and nurses, their success relies heavily on the perfection in performance of their instruments and tools—and most of those are made of metal.

Theonics knows the meaning of medical metal machining and fabrication. We are fully compliant to ISO 13485:2016, the standard of quality management systems for the design and manufacture of medical devices. Our innovative use of the latest in CNC software and machines can put metal miracles in the hands of physicians and nurses, from surgical tools to medical monitors to implants.

When it comes to metals in medical applications, it’s not just manufacturing; it’s emotional, too. We care about people, and we make medical devices as though our lives depended on it. One day, they might. Call us today and let us help you in improving the quality of life.

We Make Metal Work Smarter, Harder, Longer

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